VoIP Solutions VoIP Pitfalls As with all evolving software and hardware technologies, VoIP has potential pitfalls. This article points out the most commonly cited drawbacks of VoIP information systems. More ... VoIP History Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) transmission began in 1973 as a result of the experimental Network Voice Protocol invented for the ARPANET. However, it wasn’t until 1995 that the first Internet Phone Software – Vocaltec – appeared. More ...
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The full VoIP systems comparison report will be released for distribution next quarter. The report has been enhanced to include Computer Telephone Integration and IVR systems.
 VoIP & CRM Software The integration of VoIP and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software systems has become main stream.

On-demand CRM software systems now routinely provide the basics of outbound VoIP dialing, inbound screen-pops and packaged integration with hosted services providers, online providers such as Skype and on API providers such as Cisco, Avaya and Nortel.
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VoIP is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP phone service, sometimes called broadband phone service, is a phone call method which uses your broadband web connection as the communication backbone.

There are two primary types of VoIP phone services - phone-based and computer-based. These phone types allow you to make phone calls with either a regular telephone or a computer with an attached headset and microphone. When you use VoIP to call a number the call is sent over the Web instead of over the copper wires running out of your home.